Ruidoso Downs

City of Ruidoso Downs

P.O. Box 348
123 Downs Drive
Ruidoso Downs, NM 88346
Phone: 575.378.4422
FAX: 575.378.4586

Driving from the east
Driving From Midland, Tx.

Begin at Midland, TX and bear right on TX-158 and go West for 16 miles
Continue on ramp and go West for 0.3 miles
Continue on US-385 and go North for 50 miles
Turn left on US-62,US-180 and go West for 27 miles
Turn right on NM-218,E Bender Blvd and go West for 1.7 miles
Continue on NM-18 and go Northwest for 23 miles
Continue on ramp at sign reading "NM-206 N to Tatum" and go Northeast for 0.6 miles
Continue on NM-206 and go North for 19 miles
Turn left on US-380 and go West for 72 miles
Continue on US-70 and go West for 69 miles
After some beautiful mountain scenery, you will be in Ruidoso Downs.
Have fun, enjoy your stay and come back to see us.

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