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Once water leaves a house or business through the toilet, sink, or shower it is called wastewater. About one billion gallons of wastewater (sewage) flows through Poway's collection system each year. Wastewater is transported via pipelines to the Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant for treatment into reclaimed water.

The primary goal of the City of Ruidoso Downs Sewer division is to protect against sewage spills by providing ongoing preventive cleaning, maintenance, and repair of the sewage collection and transportation system. This includes emergency removal of sewer line blockages, and maintenance of the structural integrity of sewer mains ranging in size from 8 to 24 inches. The division also administers the Fat, Oil, and Grease Program responsible for the permitting and compliance monitoring of food establishments to minimize the discharge of grease into the sewer system. Wastewater utilities workers ensure maintenance and rehabilitation of manholes and video inspects sewer mains to determine maintenance and repair needs.

Everyone is Responsible for Sewer Spills

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance, repair, and cleaning of the sewer lateral from the house to the public sewer system. In the event there is a public sewer overflow/spill, please contact the Public Works Main Office: 575-378-6162

Sewer Department will make sewer line tap after line is exposed by a licensed plumber.

  • Sewer Tap Fee = $600
  • Sewer Inspection Fee = $25